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Women and Girls Fund Brochure & Membership Card
The Women and Girls Fund believes that investing in women and girls is a powerful way to invest in our community. The program allows women to join together in an engaging and meaningful way to give back to our community. By combining their time, talent and financial resources -- and working with others committed to similar causes -- this group of women makes high-impact grants to improve the lives of women and girls in our region.

Learn why local women leaders give through The Community Foundation’s Women and Girls Fund. This brochure includes membership giving options. 

The Status of Women and Girls II Health and Wellness
The Women and Girls Fund of The Community Foundation is taking action on the critical health issues and wellness opportunities most relevant to women and girls in the greater Fredericksburg area. The Women and Girls Fund introduced its Health & Wellness Report in December 2012 to an audience of 200 community leaders and charter fund members.

The report is a continuation of research on the status of women in the Rappahannock Region that began in 2010.

This project would not have succeeded without the help and support of many people who care deeply about improving the status of women and girls. We acknowledge the leadership of Angela Williams for her significant research abilities and years of dedication to this project. We also thank Veronica Kelly and Claudia Wack who applied their considerable writing talents to make this report fascinating and accessible. The report could not have been completed without these three women.

This report also outlines what individuals can do now to help create a model community where women and girls live, learn, work and grow older in optimal health. Just one of these opportunities is the Women and Girls Fund itself -- through the fund, area women engage the power of philanthropy. They bring their collective time, treasure and talents to bear on the issues that most affect us. “Become a philanthropist who invests in programs that improve and protect the health of women and girls by joining the Women and Girls Fund,” said Mona Albertine, Past President, the Women and Girls Fund.

The Status of Women and Girls in the Rappahannock River Region
This report was a germ of an idea in February 2009. It grew into an inspiring roadmap to change the status of women and girls in our community.

We acknowledge with gratitude the leadership of Angela Williams, Past Chair of the Women and Girls Fund Research Committee for her unwavering commitment throughout this process. We also could not have completed our research without dedicated committee members, Marsha Zaidman, Lynn Simms and Cathy Wack.

We also acknowledge with appreciation for thoughtful insights and editing from Jacqueline Wack King, Stephanie Monroe, Kim Smart, Lyn Phillips, and special thanks to our intern Mary Cadwallender.

Our hats are off to Tina Jackson ( for the incredible photography in this report and the creative talents of designers, Louise Spangler and Neil Glancy.

The Women and Girls Executive Committee 2009-2010: Mona Albertine, Chair, Ana Garcia Chichester, Susan Hansen, Mary Jane O’Neill, Linda Sealy, Cathy Wack, Angela Williams and Teri McNally, Executive Director of The Community Foundation.

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