3 Reasons to Talk to Your Family About Giving

Family Philanthropy

Selections from the publication Talking to Your Family About Philanthropy from Rockefeller Philanthropies Advisors. Find the full publication on their website here.

Giving can create, strengthen and define relationships. But because philanthropy is often deeply personal, many donors may feel reluctant to talk about their motivations and convictions — even with their families. Let your motivation guide your conversations. Three major reasons to talk with your family about giving through the foundation:

To Inform

By sharing details and decisions about your giving, donors help family members understand what you value, what motivates you and how you make decisions.

To Inspire

Donors who wish to inspire family members in their own philanthropy will often tell the story of their giving as an example. You may focus on how you got involved, what you learned, and why it’s so meaningful and rewarding.

To Involve

An invitation to participate: donors will need to explain their goals and engage family members by listening to — and incorporating — those family members’ values, causes, approaches and decisions. Donors sometimes decide to name children as successor advisors. No matter the vehicle, the process requires negotiation and active listening.

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