COVID-19 Critical Local Needs Report Published

Announcing The Community Relief Fund for COVID-19 Response and Recovery

The majority of nonprofit organizations in our local region are not able to offer at least some of their core services and programs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. This is according to a recently published needs assessment by The Community Foundation with support from the George Washington Regional Planning Commission. Of local nonprofits, more than 45% surveyed reported that COVID-19 is creating an even greater demand for services.

Area nonprofit organizations are a vital and necessary protection for many of our most dramatically affected fellow citizens. The Community Foundation set out to understand the impact of the current pandemic on regional nonprofits and the people they serve in order to deliver donations where they are needed most and do the most good.

The Community Foundation sent an online survey to 368 regional nonprofit organizations and shared the survey link broadly on the foundation’s website and social media channels. Responses from 95 organizations are included in the new report. Because the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, nonprofits have been encouraged to update their responses when circumstances change. The foundation is monitoring these evolving needs.

Nonprofit survey responses were wide ranging – every segment of our community is impacted and need nonprofit services – children, seniors, veterans, adults, and those with disabilities or facing mental health challenges.

Download the complete report here.

George Washington Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Linda Millsaps worked with Program Manager Ali Thomas to distill responses from area nonprofits down to the most important data points.

“It’s clear the need is great,” said Millsaps. “I’m glad we could help present data that helps people understand the impact – especially for our region’s most vulnerable. We look forward to continuing this regional analysis into the future.”

Many nonprofits reported that COVID-19 is causing organization hardship due to a lack of funding, for example because critical fundraising events are cancelled. When asked to estimate the additional financial resources needed for the next 30 – 45 days, the combined total exceeded $1.84 million.

Our community needs extensive resources to address these critical regional needs: The Community Foundation offers solutions through its Community Relief Fund.

“The new Snapshot of Critical Needs report shows the urgency and necessity of The Community Foundation’s Community Relief Fund,” said Ali Thomas, Community Relief Fund lead staff.

“Nearly $500,000 has been donated to the fund and we are distributing an average of $45,000 each week to nonprofits that provide food, shelter, medical supplies and a range of essential support and advocacy for people in need.”

In the words of one regional nonprofit, “In the long run, local support will continue to be vital to our work and to our community. As the economic implications of the pandemic unfold, more people in our community are going to become unemployed, uninsured, or medically underserved. The numbers of people who need our services are going to keep growing, and we will be called to meet that need.”

The Community Foundation is also eager to meet that need and thankful to everyone who donates to the Community Relief Fund.

Download the complete Snapshot of Critical Needs needs assessment report from The Community Foundation’s website:

Nonprofits may apply for immediate relief grants through June 2020. The online grant application is available on The Community Foundation’s website:

Learn more about the Community Relief Fund and how it has been activated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic on The Community Foundation’s website:

Through the generous support of The Community Foundation’s Board of Governors, all Community Relief Fund administrative costs have been waived through June 30, 2020. This ensures that 100 % of funds are distributed to community-based organizations in need. 

The Community Foundation urges everyone to include regional nonprofits in your crisis response giving by making a donation to the Community Relief Fund or by giving to them directly.

Make a gift online at

Or mail a check to The Community Foundation/Community Relief Fund at P.O. Box 208, Fredericksburg, VA 22404.

Visit or contact foundation staff at with any questions. 

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