Good News from Grantees: Ainsley’s Angels Spartan Race Victory

Ainsley's Angels and Hunter Pitts scored a tremendous victory at the 2019 DC Spartan Sprint on June 29 with support from the Robert Cullen O'Neill Fund of The Community Foundation.

In October 2010, an accident at Budds Creek Motocross Park left Hunter Pitts with a severe traumatic brain injury. Nine years later, Hunter and his Ainsley's Angels team conquered the Spartan Race held at the same location.

The Community Foundation made a grant from the Robert Cullen O'Neill Fund to purchase a specialized off-road chariot. The team planned and conditioned for months ahead of the race in order to ensure both Hunter's safety and the upper body strength needed to overcome 22 grueling obstacles.

In this video, "an Ainsley's Angels of America team shows what inclusion is all about - coming together to help Hunter earn his first Spartan Race medal. Hunter was injured on the adjacent motocross course, but with a little help from friends and an Extreme Motus wheelchair, he took back those trails!"

Team Hunter - DC Spartan 2019 from Chris Chalkley on Vimeo.

Another video - a trailer for the race - documents the hard work and determination that went into preparing for the win. The Ainsley's Angels 2019 DC Spartan Race team is Tim Baseler, Drew Berry, Melanie Bryant, Chris Chalkley, Ella Chalkley, John Devito, Collin Snyder, Ben Tritt, Michele Tritt, Ally Duggins Willis and Joe Wilson.

Team Hunter Trailer from Chris Chalkley on Vimeo.

Ainsley's Angels of America is a national nonprofit working to ensure that everyone can experience endurance events. The organization builds awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life and serves as advocates providing education and participation in local communities.

Ainsley's Angels in Virginia - Fredericksburg Ambassadorship was responsible for organizing and executing the 4 hour race off-road race where temperatures neared 100 degrees.

The nonprofit organization's goal is to share the off-road chariot with other interested inclusion teams in the future.

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