Good News From Grantees: FAM and SPCA Exhibit “People & Their Pets”

A grant from the Pineapple Fund of the Community Foundation was instrumental in the People &Their Pets exhibit that opened at Fredericksburg Area Museum last year.

Photo: "Official program of the internationally famous Fredericksburg Dog Mart" and archive event photo from the People & Their Pets exhibit at Fredericksburg Area Museum. 

The Fredericksburg SPCA teamed up with Off Leash K9 and the Fredericksburg Area Museum to create an exhibit to focus on the relationship between people and their pets. This exhibit is the first of its kind in our area and brought attention to the long history of the Fredericksburg SPCA that has supported the Rappahannock area’s pets since 1943. It also provided a glimpse into our area’s past partnership with animals in law enforcement and an amazing display on our an event that has been in existence longer than the nation itself, the Dog Mart.

Brooke Miller established The Pineapple Fund so the team at Brooke Miller Real Estate - Long and Foster, Realtors can support for local nonprofits that make houses into homes. According to Brooke, a home is where we weather life's storms — and revel in the sunshine. Grants from this fund will support organizations such as affordable housing providers, animal rescues, foster parent and adoption resources, and nonprofits that support accessibility and independent living.

Pets have been making the Fredericksburg region home since our community began!

People and Their Pets ExhibitPhoto: Fredericksburg Area Museum and Fredericksburg SPCA teamed up to create the People & Their Pets Exhibit.

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