Servants at Work (SAWS) and the Alan Courtney Fund

Excerpt from RadioIQ report Helping the Disabled Out of Their Homes, by Mallory Noe-Payne

SAWs Volunteers"The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed almost 30 years ago. And since then public spaces and businesses have become much more accessible. But that doesn’t mean anything to someone who can’t make it out of their home.

Glenn Martin is a retired firefighter. He injured his back rescuing a toddler during a fire. He now lives in rural Caroline County with his wife and brother-in-law. His wife’s diminished eyesight makes it difficult for her to use stairs, and his brother-in-law recently had a leg amputation.

The family were the first recipients of a new ramp, built at their home by volunteers with SAW, or Servants at Work, a nationwide faith-based nonprofit that builds wheelchair ramps."

SAWs ProjectA grant from the Alan F. Courtney Fund of the Community Foundation to SAW’s first Virginia chapter in the Fredericksburg area supported this build that means so much to the Martin family.



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