Apply to be a Youth in Philanthropy Member (fall 2024, 2023 session full)

Student Information

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Who should we contact in case of an emergency? We like to send your parents and guardians program updates and invitations to our final presentation. It is only required that you provide contact information for one individual.
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Demographic Information

We strive to create programs and services that represent the full diversity of our community. We are asking the following question about race and ethnicity to ensure that we are meeting this goal. This section is optional and does not affect your application or membership in YIP. This information will only be used for internal purposes.
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YIP Access, Commitment and Schedule

YIP will take place every Monday evening from 6 - 8:00 PM, August - October. Dinner will be provided!
Ex. sports practices that run until 6:00 pm, transportation issues, etc. Please provide any details here so we are aware and can help if possible.
We will primarily communicate with YIP members via email and the Remind app. It is important that you have regular access to an email and cell phone number.

Open-Ended / Essay Questions

Please help us get to know you by briefly answering the following questions. Remember, the status of your application or membership in YIP is not based on your writing or grammar, but instead on the content. We want to know about your perspective and the unique qualities you have.
Think about this in the context of your peers, the community, your neighborhood, your experiences, etc.
These can be aspects that you would like to highlight or accommodations you need to participate. Please note this will not affect the consideration of your application.