Women Changemakers Shaping the Future

make a charitible impact

Women play a major role in planning our community’s future—in economics, culture, politics and philanthropy. They provide an important voice, perspective and awareness to issues facing our region. Our region is home to many generous philanthropic women. At The Community Foundation, we are committed to providing opportunities for all women to participate in philanthropy. Meet four local women who discussed estate planning with their professional advisors and made the decision to include The Community Foundation in their plan. 

“We all know that it takes heart, vision, and resources to sustain a just, healthy, and strong community. 

A legacy fund quietly continues such essential work with others, in perpetuity. I really like that.”

Christine Repp

“As a former member of The Community Foundation’s Board of Governors, I know that the foundation has the expertise and understanding of our community’s greatest needs. That is why I chose to create an unrestricted fund with the foundation—it was important to me to support the critical needs of my community when it is needed most.”

Dori Eglevsky

“It has been very rewarding for me to give back and make a difference in the lives of the people that make up this great community.

I’ve been very fortunate in my life and I want to pass it along to the community that means so much to me. I trust The Community Foundation because of their expertise and understanding of our community’s needs.”

Mary Jane O’Neill

“I included The Community Foundation—specifically the Women and Girls Fund—in my estate planning because I believe it’s important to care for our community, even after we’re gone. I believe in this work and I hope to set an example for my children, maybe even future grandchildren, so they will continue that work. “ 

Michele Mansouri

By including a charitable bequest to the foundation in your will, you can support the causes you care about most without affecting your everyday cash flow and create a legacy for you and your family. Planned gifts are an accessible way for anyone to give, regardless of their current income and can provide tax savings to you and your heirs.

We are able to accept a variety of gifts including cash, personal property, securities or real estate. Contact your professional advisor or call us to find out how you can join The Community Foundation’s Legacy Society and continue to support the causes you care about most forever.

Learn more about the foundation's Legacy Society here.