Legacy Gift Makes Big Impact on SPCA PETS Program

Pets are like family for many providing companionship and unconditional love. And just like a member of the household, the costs associated with being a pet parent can add up. When a family is burdened with financial hardship some consider giving up their pet. The Fredericksburg Regional SPCA tries to keep the family together through the People Empowered Through Support program (PETS). Individuals may apply for monthly supplies and low-cost vet care for their pets. According to the website, “this program helps to keep animals in their homes with their families while still providing the best care throughout the Rappahannock Region” (fredspca.org, 2021). 

An estate gift from the Finley Family Trust has provided a big boost to the PETS program. The Finley's were longstanding, annual donors to the Fredericksburg SPCA. Through their estate gift to the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA Endowment Fund, their devotion to furry friends goes on forever. The new gift will also, “help to cover medical care expenses of the animals that come into our care,” explains Allie Names, Interim Executive Director Fredericksburg Regional SPCA. The Fred SPCA location (10819 Courthouse Road) also now houses the Locke Community Medical Center that provides affordable medical care for pets while giving back to the SPCA.

Charitable bequests come from people from all walks of life. The Community Foundation is here to help donors support the causes they love in perpetuity, like the Finley's. We offer endless charitable possibilities. We help donors remain relevant no matter what issues our community will face in the future. Learn how you can create a lasting legacy through your estate here.

The foundation is a devoted advocate for the vitality and well-being of our region. Our mission is to build a flourishing philanthropic community and one way we accomplish this is to provide support to other nonprofit organizations. An agency fund, like the SPCA has, is a safe and simple way for a nonprofit organization to invest in its future. Area nonprofits establish agency endowments to strengthen and grow fundraising efforts and to ensure permanent operating or program support. Contact us or visit Establish a Fund to learn more.