women and girls fund

The Women and Girls Fund is both a component fund of The Community Foundation and a local movement to involve women in philanthropy. Initially established as a field of interest fund by the 2008-2009 Community Foundation Board of Governors, this fund enriches our community by addressing the needs of area women and girls.

The founding vision is a fund made up of 1,000 women, each willing to pledge $1,000.  The long range goal, then, is a million dollar endowment. Specific strategies of the effort include empowering area women leaders to contribute “time, treasure and talent” on behalf of women and girls, as well as generating localized data to inform and guide charitable grant making. Grant funding recommendations are made at the direction of the Women and Girls Fund Members.

Why Women and Girls?

Research shows that social investment in women reduces poverty, raises productivity and accelerates economic growth.  By engaging and strengthening women from all walks of life, we can break the cycle of poverty and create healthier families and neighborhoods.  Women who build on their strength have increased self-worth and are strong, positive role models for their children.  Investing in girls yields still higher returns by increasing earning power and overall health among the women, their families and their communities.  These positive changes can last for generations.  To learn more, browse our research and publications.

Women and Girls Fund Membership Options:

  • 1,000 paid once, in full
  • 1,000 paid over One Year ($250 per quarter)
  • 1,000 paid over Four Years ($250 per year)

For more information or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact us at 540-373-9292 or email wgf@cfrrr.org.

Follow The Community Foundation on Facebook for updates from this fund. Women and Girls Fund Members are invited to join the Women and Girls Fund Facebook Group.

Grants from the Women and Girls Fund

Through the Women and Girls Fund, we award grants to nonprofit agencies in our area that support women and girls. Each member has a vote to determine the organizations and programs to receive grant funding.  Learn about our funding focus areas or access the grant application here.

Board of Directors
Gloria BennettCo-Vice President
Rebecca DanelloCo-Vice President
Melinda MayTreasurer
Adele YoungSecretary
Jessica BeringerBoard Member
Linda BlakemoreBoard Member
LB GschwandtnerBoard Member
Robin HuddleBoard Member
Chrissy McDermottBoard Member
Teri McNallyBoard Member
Louise MortonBoard Member
Alice ParvinBoard Member
Suzy StoneBoard Member
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