become a yip

The Community Foundation is currently accepting YIP applications for 2020 and 2021. Being a member of YIP is an exciting and empowering opportunity that allows area youth to give away more money than the average community member donates in a given year. Along with this comes the understanding that they have a responsibility to decide which projects will receive funding based upon feasibility, the need in our community and collaboration with other groups. Youth in Philanthropy has weekly meetings from mid-August through mid-December. Members must commit to making YIP a priority throughout the session. Seniors organize and lead the program each week. Interested in becoming a future YIP? Space in this program is limited, so slots fill quickly. We recommend that you apply during your 8th grade year.

Become a YIP!

Ideal candidates have an interest in representing greater Fredericksburg youth and are able to demonstrate:

  • Commitment by attending weekly meetings
  • Flexibility by working with a diverse group of youth and adults
  • Enthusiasm by sharing their excitement, passion, insight, and expertise

If you will be a sophomore, junior, or senior high school student in Fall 2020 and beyond, please complete the Youth in Philanthropy Member Application Form.  Members are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

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